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The Freedom Adventure is two weeks of simple daily practices that add up to serious expansion and impact.

Your daily adventures are laid out below!

DAY 1:  Start with gratitude.

Today, write a note to someone dear, thanking them for being there for you. Connect with how much they mean to you and how grateful you are for their support.


DAY 2:  Ask for help.

Whew! For so many of us, this can be tough. We’re so used to doing things ourselves, because it seems faster, easier, and less of a burden on others. But if we keep trying to do it all ourselves, we’ll likely find ourselves with a heap of To Do’s, feeling overwhelmed and resentful. Productivity isn’t about doing more, it’s about doing better. And sometimes that even means doing a bit less.

Today’s adventure is to courageously ask for help with something big or small. Think of something you’ve been wanting support with, struggling with, or putting off and reach out to ask someone for a hand.


DAY 3:  Plan a “daycation”.

Rather than waiting on your next vacation, plan a simple and fun “daycation” close to home. Turn off technology for the day and sleep in; check out that new restaurant everyone’s raving about; visit that art gallery that just opened up; have girlfriends over for a potluck and crafting day; build a fort in the living room, read books in your pajamas and eat your favorite snacks all day; head to the spa, the mountains or the beach.

Plan a full-day adventure (without work) that nourishes the soul.


DAY 4:  Discover your “North Star”

There was a time in my life when I felt so overwhelmed that I woke up everyday feeling behind on my work and badly about myself. I was painfully confused about many aspects of my business and life… What did I really, truly want? Was I on track for having it? I was so overwhelmed that I felt like I didn’t even have time to think about it.

Most advice out there is focused on what steps to take, but what good is that advice if we’re not super clear on where we’re headed?

Today’s adventure is an invitation to discover your unique North Star.

Your North Star is your big “why” – the vision that calls you forth and the deeper reason why you do what you do. When we’re connected to this bigger vision, we feel more grounded and confident, and have more clarity in our actions.

Watch this video to discover your own “North Star”


DAY 5:  Build an altar

Many spiritual traditions create altars to make blessings and offerings. An altar is simply a small table, shelf or even a windowsill where you intentionally place any objects that are meaningful to you, with the purpose of offering gratitude for all that you have, and inviting in more of what you desire.

Your altar can be simple or elaborate and there’s no way to do it wrong. Simply think of your “North Star” (watch yesterday’s video if you haven’t discovered yours yet) and gather any objects that you’re inspired to place on your altar. You can include a small cloth or tapestry on the surface if you like, as well.


DAY 6:  Dress to Express

It’s easy to see fashion as frivolous. But as I see it, what we choose to wear can be a powerful form of self-expression and can shape how we feel, how we carry ourselves, even our focus and productivity.

Today, dress to express. Think about how you want to feel (not just how you want to look), then take a few extra minutes to pick out an outfit that will help you feel that way, even if you are running errands. I often choose one item that I really want to wear, then build an outfit around that. That way, no matter what, I’ll be wearing something I love 🙂


DAY 7:  Write a letter of self-forgiveness

Deep breath…. Today, we’re going to dig deep and open our hearts.

For this adventure, consider what you might be harboring frustration, anger, or judgment towards yourself for. Maybe you judge yourself for being “too emotional”, or are angry with yourself for not being able to make your relationship work… Perhaps there’s frustration towards yourself for not getting that promotion, getting upset with your kid, or not being productive enough… Perhaps it’s something from childhood, or something you judge about your body…

We are not here to be perfect, we are here to live, love, and learn.

Write yourself a letter (even a brief note) of forgiveness for the ways you’ve judged or been harsh towards yourself. Let yourself off the hook, so you can move forward freely. This is an opportunity to create a deeper and gentler relationship with ourselves, which is so critical to our freedom…


DAY 8:  Perform a random act of kindness

Deep breath…. Today, we’re going to dig deep and open our hearts.

I am so excited for this adventure! This is an opportunity to brighten someone’s day, without expecting anything in return, even if we’re “too busy”. Also, it can take courage to put ourselves out there in this way, and if that’s true for you, then it’s a fabulous opportunity to stretch your own sense of freedom and contribute to creating the kind of world we all want to live in!

Today, perform a random act of kindness. Here are a few creative ideas: stopping to help someone on the sidewalk who looks lost, buying coffee for the person behind you in line at the coffee shop, helping someone carry their groceries, giving flowers to a stranger, handing out cookies on the subway, buying lunch for a homeless person, dropping dinner off for a friend who just had a baby.

Let’s share stories and ideas in the Facebook Group, to offer motivation and inspiration to one another! It’s okay to borrow one another’s ideas 🙂 Let’s have fun with this!


DAY 9:  Spend with Intention

When I was overcoming my shopaholic tendencies (buying things to give myself little hits of false happiness), I used this trick to bring awareness and intention to my spending: I added a note in my wallet with one simple question ––> “Is this adding value to my life?” This helped me connect to the heart of what mattered most. Write your own mindful spending note and put it in your wallet (or tape it to your credit card).

For those of us who are on the other end of the spectrum and tend to not allow ourselves spend money on beautiful experiences and beautiful things for ourselves, this still applies. When you want to book a massage, buy flowers or a cup of tea for yourself (or even a bigger purchase), look within and ask yourself the sincere question: Is this adding value to my life?

Note from Nisha:
DO THIS NOW and when you see the note, stop and take one breath. Just one. See what happens when you ask this question honestly. I can’t wait to hear how this shifts things for you!


DAY 10:  Find “Feminine Focus”

At the end of our lives, we’ll look back on the sweetest moments: The sun on your face at the beach, your love’s lingering kiss in the morning, laughing in the park with girlfriends.

I don’t think we’ll lament, “I wish I had been more on top of email.”

But looking around, it seems we’re in an epidemic of overwhelm and overwork. It’s easy to believe that the only way to is through, so we slog hard all day. But consider this: If we’re busy all the time, we’re likely focusing on some of the wrong things.

In Day 4’s video, I talked about finding your “North Star”, and how that has been absolutely and consistently game-changing in my life.

But knowing what you’re going for isn’t enough. Because even if we know what we want, it’s easy to get bogged down and overwhelmed by the million things we could (or think we should) do to get there, and miss out on so many of life’s sweet moments. Personally, I’ve spent hundreds of hours on projects that never got off the ground, spent countless hours working and re-working my calendar (the irony is not lost on me), and cried thousands of tears of overwhelm from undone To Do lists.

I’ve lived in the confusion of the as-soon-as-I-journal-on-this-thing-and-get-my-chakras-aligned-and-learn-the-perfect-strategy-I’ll-know-what-to-do-next rut.


I’ve lived in the overwhelm of the as-soon-as-I-knock-these-few-things-off-my-list-and-call-that-person-and-have-this-quick-meeting-I’ll-eat-something rut.

It’s time to end this insanity.

If we are not living truly healthy, sustainable, engaged and pleasure-infused lives, we’re not fully living, and the reality is that life is passing us by.

What we really need here is a Compass – the ability to see the unique aligned actions to take, so we can relax and move forward, truly living at the intersection of ambition and ease.

Watch this video and learn how to find your “Feminine Focus”

DAY 11:  Do *it* first

Today, rather than diving into all the “little” tasks you want to get out of the way, instead do the most important and high-impact item on your task list FIRST (before you check your email, before you log into Facebook, and before you throw in a load of laundry). You’ll know what the most “high-impact” thing is, because it’s the thing that will most move the needle forward towards your desires (and is often the thing we’ve been putting off).

There’s something so satisfying about checking off that important task first, whether it’s making an important call or finally sitting down to brainstorm an important project. When you’re done, come celebrate with us in the Facebook group!

Note from Nisha:
Pro tip – Put your phone on airplane mode until lunch, to avoid distractions. It makes all the difference in the world!


DAY 12:  Give yourself a massage

Your body is the home of your soul. And yet, most of us apply body lotion as if we’re washing a car, not lovingly polishing a temple.

Today’s adventure is incredibly simple, yet has the capacity to be deeply profound: Give yourself a massage.

Find a beautiful body oil or lotion, or simply use some coconut oil, and find a few quiet moments to yourself. Without distractions, gently massage your skin with the kind of loving care you would bring to a baby. As your hands move across your skin, take the opportunity to thank your beautiful body for all she’s done for you. Everyday, no matter what we eat or drink, no matter how little we’ve slept, no matter what mean things we might say to our bodies, they show up for us and do their best to regenerate and thrive. Here’s an opportunity to offer our gratitude.

Note from Nisha:
Emotions can arise during this adventure. If that happens, welcome them. So often our bodies hold a build-up of emotion – it’s good to allow the release!


DAY 13:  Envision your ideal day

We’re in the home stretch! This adventure is very important – it’s our chance to take all that we’ve learned and loved from the #FreedomAdventure, and integrate it into our daily lives. Even if you’ve skipped adventures, it’s okay! Dive in, and let’s create…

The biggest lesson and most important decision that I’ve made in my life, over and over again, is this: This is my life and it’s my honor and responsibility to live it now.

A mentor of mine likes to say, “align the tongue in your shoes with the tongue in your mouth”…in other words, walk your talk. And she’s right.

It’s a choice to work like crazy. It’s a choice to stay up late on the laptop. It’s a choice to live in outdated and disempowering beliefs about what we “should” do. It’s a choice to live in misalignment with what we would want for those we love. And it’s unsustainable.

Let me shoot it to you straight:
I work hard, and I love my work. But I don’t work harder than is necessary. I consider what’s essential vs. everything I could do, I do my best to have the support that I need, and I am mindful to not get trapped [again] in “someday” thinking.

My life isn’t perfect. I have hard days, moments of confusion, and times when I slip into old patterns of getting overwhelmed by all that there is to do. I’m human, and being a human is messy business at times! But here’s the big shift I’ve made…

I am clear that to make a positive impact in the world (and with those I love), I need to nourish my body and soul on the deepest levels. I need to play, I need to rest, I need to be kind to my body and myself, and I need to fan my creative flames. And rather than waiting, I need to fill my tank now… even in those moments of overwhelm.

You’re probably feeling this way, too, so let’s integrate this deep knowing into a vision for your ideal day. Watch this video.

DAY 14:  Burn it

Sisters, we’ve made it to the final day of the #FreedomAdventure! Whether you completed all the adventures or not, congratulations. Little things add up, and everything we do in the name of true freedom – no matter how small – is a win.

Today’s adventure is a community favorite…we get to complete by playing with fire! An adventure indeed 😉

We all carry around beliefs that are no longer serving us. Maybe you’ve been telling yourself “The only way to succeed is with a lot of struggle” or “I have to change for people to accept me”.

Whatever the story is that’s keeping you from your desires, it’s time, dear sister, to let it go. On a piece of paper, write down the belief you’re done with carrying around. Then burn it – releasing the story and replacing it with a new one that supports your dreams and desires. Here’s our chance to let go of the final pieces that hold us back, to make way for everything we desire…